A dream come true

An unusual and unique experience!

Have you ever imagined yourself sleeping in a huge fiberglass bubble suspended in the forest? Well, Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux offers you this opportunity!

With a «In harmony with nature» theme, the first sphere merges with nature; The second one is completely covered with a reflecting material so it can reflect the nature surrounding it.

These non-traditional accommodations can welcome up to 4 people. They are fully equipped with the material you need for cooking. These suspended spheres offer tranquility, privacy and a wonderful view on the Fjord du Saguenay.

intérieur sphère Charles-David Robitaille


  • Ideal for 2 adults and 2 children. Not recommended for 4 adults
  • Dishes and utensils
  • Propane stove – located in the mosquito shelter
  • Picnic table outside In a mosquito shelter
  • No heating system and no electricity Lighting and ventilation system and a USB plug (no power outlets)
  • Common fire area
  • Potable running water Sink located outside
  • Eco-friendly toilet Located outside nearby
  • Located 50 meters from the sanitary block
  • You can have access to the log cabin at 4 pm the day of your arrival and you have to leave before 12 o’clock the day of your departure
  • Propane stove for cooking Located in the mosquito shelter
  • Curfew at 10 pm
  • Free access to the Bambino course, at the beach and hiking trails
  • Activities: Departures restricted, even on request during low season Contact us for the availability
sphère futuriste_Sarah Mazière

Do not forget:

  • Your food
  • Your bedding
  • A flashlight if you need to go out at night
  • A 200$ pre-authorization will be frozen on your credit card This process will be undone within 3 to 10 days


Throughout the season

245,00 / night
  • * Plus applicable taxes.
  • * Prices may vary.



Coolbox – 4 places

Coolbox – 6 places

Rustic Log Cabin – 6 Places

Rustic Log Cabin – 4 Places


Suspended spheres

Tree houses



Plan your stay

You have the questions, we have the answers

Are pets allowed on the site?

Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux is one of the few parks where animals on a leash are allowed. They are used on the hiking trails, at the beach, on the campsite and in the cabins equipped with logs. Warning! They are not allowed inside domes, hanging spheres and tree houses.

How can I make a reservation?

You can reserve online through the “Reserve Online” section or by calling 1-888-674-9114. Our customer service staff will be happy to help you plan a most enjoyable stay.

What are the methods of payment accepted?

On arrival at the site, you can pay by cash, debit, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or traveller’s check (please note that personal checks are not accepted).