Picking mushrooms and wild plants

Duration: 4 hours

Departures guaranteed saturdays july 24th, July 30th and August 7th 2020.

Every Saturday morning, from the middle of July to the end of September, live a theme filled half-day in the forests of the Cap Jaseux guided by professional forest mushroom and wild plant gatherers.

The activity starts at the Interpretation Pavilion with a short presentation on mushrooms in general and the development of the activity. Subsequently, during the forest hike, that takes about 2 hours, guides will let you identify and pick different species of mushrooms and taste some wild plants. Finally, the activity finishes with a small mushroom tasting in the interpretation pavilion and with the guides providing you some recipes to try at home.

The hike is provided by two expert guides, Mr. Luc Godin and Ms. Heloise Côté. Mr. Godin is a biologist by training and specializes in mycology and botany. He has worked for about 10 years in the harvest of plants for different projects from the University of Québec at Chicoutimi. Ms. Côté is a candidate for a PhD in Biology at the University of Québec at Chicoutimi. She has an excellent knowledge of non-timber forest products, particularly of wild plants and mushrooms in Quebec.

cueillette champignons
Cueillete de champignons - dégustation


Adult (18 years old and up)

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Junior (17 years old and under)

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Mushrooms and wild plants picking

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Picking mushrooms and wild plants


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