Young Explorers Fjord Treetop Adventure

Just like the Regular Fjord Treetop Adventure but adapted for kids, this course is filled with bridges, ropes, zip lines and other fun games. The kids will have an overview of the big course and they will test their own limits.

Difficulty level : Easy to medium


Participant requirements (you must comply with ALL conditions):

  • Must be 8 years old or older
  • Must be at least 4.6ft/1m40 tall, arms extended (from fingertips to toes)
  • Weight less than 240lbs/108kg and be less than 46inches/1m17 waist circumference
  • Adult supervision is required, as a participant or from the ground
  • Be in good physical shape and normally healthy
  • Before the activity, it is an obligation to listen to the security instructions and to do a practice course
  • Strongly not recommended for pregnant women because of the falling risk or trauma to the stomach

Do not forget :

  • Closed shoes (no sandals) and sports clothing
  • A water bottle and a snack
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Approximate duration of 1h30 long including preparation and training time
  • Arrive at the reception 30 minutes before the beginning of the activity if you are not already on the site. Arrive at the activity departure point 10 minutes before the beginning of the activity if you are already on the site.


Junior (8 to 17 years old)

Junior (8 to 17 years old)
24,00 / person

Adult (18 years old and up)

Adult (18 years old and up)
24,00 / person

High season price 18 july to 18 august

Junior (8 to 17 years old)
24 / person
Adult (18 years old and up)
24 / person
  • * Plus applicable taxes
  • * Prices may vary

Fjord Treetop Adventure

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