Extreme Fjord Treetop Adventure

Duration: 3 hours (including preparation time)

Thrill lovers get ready!

The Extreme Fjord Treetop Adventure is a true revolution. This innovative course is unique in North America. You will find a lot of challenges and feel lots of adrenalin. 100% intense!

At 9 places in the activity, instead of the safety cables, there are huge nets that catch you if you fall. You find yourself totally free to move as you like.

Physical strength and balance will sure be useful!

Will you be brave enough to try this experience?

FEAX (23)

Participant requirements:

  • Must be 12 years old or older
  • Must be at least 1m80 tall with your hands in the air From the heels to the fingertips
  • Weigh less than 240lbs and measure less than 46 inches around the waist
  • Kids 16 years old and under have to be supervised by an adult One adult can supervise a maximum of 3 juniors
  • 17 year olds are independent in the activity, however they need an authorisation signed by their parents if they are not supervised by an adult
  • Must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Be in good physical shape and healthy
  • Before the activity, you have to listen to the security instructions and do a practice course

Do not forget:

  • Closed shoes and sport clothes No sandals
  • A bottle of water and a small snack
  • Long hair must be well attached
  • Wearing gloves is advised, but not mandatory
  • Arrive at the park reception 45 minutes before the departure time if you are not already on the site. Arrive at the activity depature point 10 minutes before the time of your activity if you are already on the site
FEAX (23)
le grand saut james deraps
FEAX (29)


(18 years old and up)

50,00 / person
(8 to 15 people)
47,50 / person
(16 people and up)
44,50 / person

(8 to 17 years old)

42,50 / person
(8 to 15 people)
40,50 / person
(16 people and up)
37,75 / person

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